I guess I'll start

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I guess I'll start

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:05 pm

Welcome! I'm Sam, and I started this crazy ambitious mess. I'm hoping it resonates though.

I'm currently working with Portland Assembly, a new organization that has popped up in response to Trump and the alt-right. I plan on tapping this community of neighbors in with this group. https://portlandassembly.com/ I have done work with NAACP and sisters of the road, as well. And will share what work they are doing.

I do carpentry and home remodel work. I'm an artist and musician(kind of). And will gladly share these skills in the section of this forum for that. I'm hoping to help plan a Block Party if others are interested. I know there's some bbq action in these streets. And this has knows a lot of crazy musicians to come play and entertain. I'm sure we can kick off a good party for the blocks.

Also, Please look in lost and found. Day I made this site, I met a nice lady named Diana, that lost her cat.

That's all for now! I'll be updating this site throughout the week. Vacation and I'll be back at it. So hopefully, other people take initiative and start shaping this space as well. Thanks for checking this out!


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